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The construction sector is all about sustainability. Granuflex’s recycled, or circular, roof and terrace tiles, along with other drainage products, make buildings greener, safer and future-proof.

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Industrial applications of the raw materials recovered from used tyres are unlimited. What would you like to make from our Granuflex rubber granulate, nylon and steel needles?

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Granuflex’s circular rubber tiles and drainage solutions are weather resistant, which makes them ideally suited for outdoor use.

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Athletes need the best-possible surfaces. Granuflex supplies bespoke sports-related products and floors with properties that their users can only dream of. Safe and non-slip.

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Less noise and more comfort. Get acquainted with the Granuflex high-quality circular rubber products for the home. From anti-vibration mats for washing machines and clothes dryers to the equipping of a safe and trendy home gym.

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Horses like to stand on dry spongy surfaces. Granuflex stable tiles have been ensuring optimum drainage, lower straw consumption and more standing comfort since 1995.

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Safety has a name. And under that name, Granuflex, we develop products that make recreation areas, playgrounds, sports halls and workplaces safer. And more colourful too.

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Thanks to our socially responsible way of doing business, we make a valuable contribution to realising the sustainability ambitions of car companies, car owners and waste processors. Together we assume responsibility for a healthier planet and a better living environment.

Granuband is a Dutch producer of various rubber products sold under the brand name Granuflex. Our floors, tiles, safety materials and sports articles are made from 100 per cent recycled rubber recovered from used automotive tyres. And because we collect, sort and carry out the high-quality recycling ourselves, our customers can rely on the best-quality products that meet the highest-possible safety and environmental standards.

  • We make new, circular products from end-of-life rubber tyres
  • We use rainwater in our production processes
  • Our trucks meet all environmental requirements
  • We use energy-saving production systems
  • And because it’s all done in the same place, we save CO2 too


We give every used tyre a useful and sustainable new lease of life. First of all we ascertain the quality. Tyres that still have a good profile can be re-used in their current form. Tyres that don’t make the grade are processed into new, circular products, such as stable tiles, fitness-centre floors, terrace tiles or drainage surfaces, such as for roof gardens, for example.

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Some companies make a conscious choice for Granuband and Granuflex because they are impressed by our circularity. Others set great store by our speed, quality and punctuality. We prefer to let our customers tell us themselves why they want to do business with us.


We stand behind what we do. In the Netherlands, millions of automotive tyres are worn out every year. We collect them and recycle the recovered materials in a high-value and 100 per cent circular manner. The increasing scarcity of raw materials is making the circular economy more important than ever. We take our responsibility seriously and will be happy to keep you up-to-speed on developments.

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