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Rubber stable tiles

Bos Rubber and Granuflex jointly developed the urine-permeable stable tile

Back in the early 1990s, Johan Bos collaborated with Granuflex to develop the first rubber stable tile. “At the time such a product didn’t, or barely, existed,” says Bos. During the past 30 years these tiles have been successfully marketed by the company, which is now the exclusive dealer in the Benelux region.

Granuband vlinder

After much testing and experimentation, we developed a tile that had just the right degree of hardness and resilience and allowed urine to pass through. The basis for that first tile is the same as the stable tile we sell today to nearly all stable builders in the Netherlands and Belgium.”
Picking up the thread, his son Egon adds that the great thing about the product is that it pays for itself. “Because the stable floor stays cleaner, you need less straw and you have to muck out less frequently, so you generate less waste. Furthermore, a rubber-tiled floor is far more comfortable for a horse to lie on than a concrete floor.”

Good advice is crucial

The sale of these stable tiles has been increasing for three past decades, despite the fact that Bos senior and junior are quite fussy as to whom they sell their product to. “Many stable builders are just ‘regular’ contractors who don’t go about it the right way,” says Bos senior. “If the floor doesn’t have good urine drainage, a urine-permeable tile is pointless. Good advice is crucial. It’s why we maintain good contact with all our dealers, to keep stressing the importance of this principle. If we notice that something is going awry in the market, we intervene immediately. It’s not a coincidence that we sell between 10,000 and 15,000 square metres every year, of which, typically, less than 20 tiles are returned to us.”

Sustainable stable tiles made from recycled materials

Granuflex and Bos Rubber complement one another perfectly, not in a small measure thanks to their many years of intensive cooperation. “Granuflex conceives new ideas and we know the equestrian market inside out, so we can reinforce each other,” adds Bos junior. He’s also keen to point out that the sustainable aspect of stable tiles is becoming progressively more important. “It played a less significant role during the first few years, but a growing awareness is becoming more evident among end users. Everything has be increasingly sustainable. I’m glad we can play our part by providing these tiles, which are made from recycled automotive tyres.”

Granuflex is a partner for all seasons

Urine-permeable stable tiles are a formula for success

Despite having handed over the running of the company to his son, Bos senior is still often seen there. “But it’s getting less and less because I intend to enjoy my retirement more,” he assures with a smile. He is clearly very positive about the company’s collaboration with Granuflex. “For as long as people listen, I’ll be there. I don’t give up easily. As long as you keep talking to each other, it’ll be OK. Our stable mats are an important product for us, which is why we intend to continue along the same lines. Plenty of manufacturers try to imitate our product. When you hit on a successful formula others will always try to emulate it. It’s good to be able to work with Granuflex, a partner for all seasons.”

Critical on quality

Edwin Kuiper, sales and marketing manager of Granuflex, couldn’t agree more about it being a productive partnership. “As the manufacturer, we know everything about the product, but when it comes to installation or tips and tricks, we look to Bos Rubber or their dealers. Having collaborated for so long, we’ve forged a close relationship. One in which we accept, appreciate and respect one another, and share a lot of knowledge. They are very critical when it comes to quality, which stimulates us to become even better. And now that Egon has taken over the running of the company from his father, we are proud that he’s made a conscious decision to continue doing business with Granuflex. We look forward to many more fruitful decades!”