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Safety is selection criterion number one


Approved tyres given a new lease of life abroad.

A used tyre has not necessarily reached the end of its useful life. Granuband sorters have a trained eye for the quality of used tyres. But we set high standards. A tyre that meets these standards, in other words one that still has a good profile and tread, can often still be used outside the Netherlands.

A value tyre is a tyre that is technically and economically suitable for reuse. Approximately 20 per cent of all collected tyres fall into this category. After recycling, reuse is the most important processing method at Granuband.

Used-tyre applications

Granuband value tyres have several potential applications. For example, many of our value tyres are exported to Africa, South America and the United Kingdom. Because the requirements in these countries differ from those in the Netherlands, these tyres can often be used there for many thousands more kilometres.
Granuband offers value tyres per container. Potential customers can submit a shopping list with the exact sizes of the tyres they want, along with the quantities and profiles that they need. There is also the option of having the container assembled at random by the Granuband sorting department.


Alternative uses

A small percentage of our collected tyres are destined for alternative uses. Reject tyres can, for example, be used in road and water infrastructures, or as safety-barriers around go-karting tracks. Alternative applications like these also extend the life of used tyres, without them having to be processed.

The transport of value tyres

Companies that buy value tyres from Granuband are responsible for transporting them to destinations inside or outside the Netherlands’ borders. If so required, we can provide the necessary support.

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