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Granuband processes used tyres from all over Europe


Granuband is the only company in the world that collects used tyres, recycles them and manufactures new, circular products from the rubber. Quality is thus guaranteed.

Used tyres that do not make the grade as value tyres are processed in our shredder installation. The tyres are cut into small pieces and the process then segregates them into three components: rubber, steel and nylon. From the rubber component we make granulate, 80 per cent of which we eventually use ourselves.

Granuband has been committed to recycling used tyres since 1991. We are the only company in the world that carries out the complete process independently: from collection to the development and production of new, circular products. We have even had a unique recycling factory built specially for this purpose, which has since been widely emulated. In everything we do, we try to drive the circular economy through innovation.

Our own Granuflex products

The high-quality rubber granulate that we process from used tyres serves as the raw material for an extensive range of durable rubber products, which we market under the Granuflex brand.

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Rubber granulates for other manufacturers

Our high-quality rubber granulates are also available to the manufacturers of sustainable products, also under the Granuflex brand name.

Nylon and steel for third parties

Among other applications for the steel needles derived from car tyres are the manufacture of bank safes. The nylon, meanwhile, is used by a global manufacturer as the filler in punchbags.

Competitive procurement prices

Granuband boasts a surprisingly competitive price-quality ratio. Granuflex products are to be found at the top end of the market at competitive procurement prices.
Most of our extensive range of tiles and flooring products are produced by state-of-the-art robots. And we do not add chemicals. We try to give car owners the peace of mind that the environment is being spared as much as possible when they replace their tyres. Making conscious choices gives Granuband a low carbon footprint. Our products are safe and ISO-proof and they comply with the most stringent of requirements.
Our chain is 100 per cent sustainable and circular. You can return Granuflex products to us at the end of their life cycle, after which we will reprocess the rubber material into new products. Rubber can go through many lives. The end of one life can often signal the start of a new one. Rubber tyres are constantly evolving into new rubber products. From generation to generation. It’s a new life!

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Granuflex’s rubber products

Granuflex products are made from 100 per cent recycled rubber. Our sustainable products are used in many international markets.