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Every year, Granuband processes about four million used vehicle tyres, along with other rubber waste.


Every day, Granuband picks up tyres from 1,500 certified collection points throughout the Netherlands.

Granuband is the specialist when it comes to the collection of old, end-of-life tyres. Every day our green trucks criss-cross the Netherlands collecting large numbers of tyres and other rubber waste for sustainable recycling.

Granuband is one of the biggest collectors of end-of-life tyres, collecting millions of them every year. Our customers include certified garage- and tyre-service companies, municipal recycling centres and agricultural companies. We have a total of 1,500 collection points.

In the Netherlands alone, over nine million tyres are replaced every year. These not only include passenger-car tyres, but tyres from trucks, tractors, bicycles and even aircraft. To reduce the burden on the environment, we collect these used tyres and recycle them. Usable tyres that meet our quality standards are given a new lease of life. Those that don’t are shredded for recycling and we make new, recycled or circular products from the rubber granulate.

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We will be more than happy to collect your used tyres. We apply various tariffs for the collection and processing of rubber materials. For example, if your company complies with the requirements stipulated by RecyBEM, there is no charge. For organisations that are affiliated with Auto Recycling Nederland (ARN) we apply the tariffs that have been agreed with ARN.

You can also bring your used tyres to our factory in the Port of Amsterdam.

The benefits of tyre collection by Granuband:

  • Your own tyre rack or container for the storage of used tyres. Packaging facilities are available for garage- and tyre-service companies.
  • Your own digital “my environment”, in which just one click will tell us when we can collect your tyres.
  • Your full tyre rack or container will be emptied within five working days of us receiving your notification.
  • A clear overview of your collection history.
  • An official collection certificate.
  • 100 per cent sustainable and ISO-certified.
  • Discount on our circular products.
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Granuband Collection picks up tyres from some 1500 collection points. Our trucks drive throughout the Netherlands.