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Rubber floor mats for the fitness sector

Rogue Fitness and Granuflex keep striving to improve their products

Fitness is a key sector for Granuband. One of its first clients in this area is Rogue Fitness, to which Granuflex supplies the so-called functional fitness floors. Rogue supplies these floors to fitness centres throughout Europe.

Granuband vlinder

Kuiper: “Everything must be rigorously tested before it can be included in their product range. We supply various rubber products to them, the most important of which are rubber floor mats that absorb noise and vibration, protect the subfloor and create a comfortable exercise platform for users. It’s very rewarding to earn the commitment of such a critical brand.”

The quality and sustainability of the rubber is key

The quality and sustainability of the product are crucial factors for Rogue. To meet the required high level of quality, the various waste-rubber streams – mainly from used automotive tyres – are constantly monitored. “A distinguishing aspect of our product is that it has a Gold status air quality,” assures Kuiper. “What this means is that the rubber we use doesn’t release harmful substances, so it’s safe to exercise at all times.”

He goes on to explain that rubber parts in colours other than black are often made from virgin (new) material. “This, of course, is not sustainable and as such not desirable. At the end of their lifespan, the floor parts that we make can simply be recycled and then reused, for example, to make new fitness floors.”

It doesn’t get more circular than this; old floor mats can simply be recycled at the end of their lifespan

Sustainable rubber is a must

Arnar Sigurdsson, Operations Manager at Rogue Fitness, insists that sustainability is extremely important. “Our customers expect it of us too. A further advantage of our collaboration with Granuflex is that they do everything in the same place: from recycling the used automotive tyres to the production of the rubber products. This is also better for the environment; reducing the need for transport translates to lower CO₂ emissions.”

For Rogue, the substantial hike in container-transport costs in combination with the company’s sustainability goals have accelerated the process of “less Asia and more local”.

Rogue and Granuband complement one another

Both Sigurdsson and Kuiper agree that their companies’ collaboration is mutually beneficial. “As specialists in the fitness market, Rogue passes on the knowledge that enables us to further optimise our products or develop new ones,” concludes Kuiper. “It’s great to be complementary forces like this; it allows us to make each other stronger!”