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Preventing damage to weights and to floors

Fitness is a demanding activity, on both people and floors. Given that the floors of fitness centres must absorb vibrations, noise and shocks, rubber is the best-possible damping or cushioning material.

Rubber-lined floors are therefore the ideal surfaces for gyms, companies and home athletes looking to counter vibrations and damage. So why is it so important to invest in a good fitness floor?

Fitness makes a significant contribution to people’s health and has become hugely popular.
People are increasingly converting their basement, spare room, or even the shed or garage, into a home gym. Companies are happy to make space for a fitness centre so that their employees can stay fit and healthy. Professional gyms want the best-possible floor for the best-possible price.

Every target group calls for a specific approach. In the home, for example, the room in which people want to exercise will often have a wooden, concrete or stone floor. And sometimes it might even be expensive natural stone, which the resident certainly won’t want to risk damaging with barbells, dumbbells or other fitness equipment.

Moreover, companies, gyms and fitness centres often rent their premises and they are obliged to vacate the building undamaged when the rental period expires.


optimum cushioning and damping

Rubber is generally considered to be the best material for preventing damage and absorbing vibrations. The type of rubber varies, depending on the requirements of the application. Granuflex’s fitness tiles and mats are made from recycled rubber, which provides optimum cushioning and damping.

Depending on how heavy the used weights and equipment are, there is a choice of rubber thickness, which varies from 15mm (Basic) to 65mm (Extreme). For super-intensive applications, a Heavy Duty (HD) option is also available. This HD fitness mat is even more wear-resistant because more rubber material is used.

Fitness Standard:
Dimensions: 1000x1000x20mm
Density: 875kg/m3

Fitness Heavy Duty:
Dimensions: 1000x1000x20mm
Density: 950kg/m3

Regarding the HD option, because more rubber material is put into the same mould, the mat has to be compressed more, making it stronger.

Avoid damage and nuisance

Fitness mats absorb vibrations and shocks. Not only does this prevent damage to the underlying floor, it also protects the weights and equipment used in the centre, thus extending their lifespan. These rubber mats also improve the performance of fitness centre users and muffle noise. This benefits neighbours, roommates or other employees who have to work in rooms adjacent to a company fitness centre, for example.

The damping qualities of a good fitness mat also preclude damage to users’ joints. Having to jump repetitively on a spongy fitness mat is far more forgiving than having to do so on a hard floor. Granuflex’s High Impact floors are specially designed to protect users’ ankles and other joints, as well their backs and hips. The multifunctional character of these mats make them a shrewd investment in a healthy living and working climate.

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