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Collecting tyres and rubber waste from waste processors

Rubber waste deserves a second lease of life. Granuband will collect used tyres and rubber waste from you, recycle them and turn it all into new, circular products. The bottom line is that you will be contributing to a better environment.

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Of course you want to dispose of rubber waste in as clean and modern a way as possible. Fortunately, Granuband will collect your old tyres and rubber waste, recycle it all and make new products from it.

Waste processors are committed to protecting the environment and waste streams are recycled as purely as possible. At Granuband we process rubber waste in our own facility in the Port of Amsterdam.

For more information about our current rates for the collection and processing of used tyres (cars, tractors, aircraft, bicycles, trucks, trailers, farm machinery, etc.), as well as other rubber waste, please get in touch with us.

Tyre recycling for all sectors
Granuband also serves other sectors. And one thing never varies: all tyres are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.