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The collection of used automotive tyres for private individuals

Don’t begrudge your tyres a new lease of life. Granuband will recycle them and make new, circular products from them. So make sure you get them replaced by a garage or tyre company that we do business with.

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Do you know what happens to your used car tyres after a garage or tyre company puts new tyres on your car? It’s good to know that garages and tyre companies that are affiliated with Granuband keep these used tyres in containers so that we can regularly collect and recycle them. Check out how this process works by clicking here.

In the Netherlands alone, more than nine million automotive tyres are discarded every year. At Granuband we do our utmost to collect and recycle as much of this rubber as possible. The rubber granulate derived from these tyres is partly sold to the manufacturers of rubber products and partly used by ourselves. We market an extensive range of rubber products under the brand name Granuflex.

So make sure your tyres are replaced by a Granuband-affiliated garage. Or take them to a municipal recycling centre. Only then can you be sure you’ll be contributing to the circular economy.

Tyre recycling for all sectors
Granuband also serves other sectors. And one thing never varies: all tyres are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.