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The collection of used tyres from garage-, car- and tyre-service companies

If your company complies with the requirements stipulated by RecyBEM, Granuband will collect the used or end-of-life tyres free-of-charge.

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Since the introduction of tyre-management legislation (Besluit Beheer Autobanden) in 2004, as an entrepreneur in the automotive tyre business you are responsible for the environmentally friendly disposal of used automotive tyres. RecyBEM is responsible for the implementation of this legislation. As a certified RecyBEM collector Granuband collects, free-of-charge, used passenger-car tyres, without wheels, that comply with the conditions stipulated by RecyBEM.

Register your company and take advantage of:

  • The free collection of used automotive tyres.
  • A free tyre rack (5 m3) or tyre container (10 m3) for the orderly storage of used tyres.
  • Your own online webpage, on which your administration (returned tyres, etc.) can be kept up to date.
  • Easy application for a tyre collection via our customer portal.
  • The collection of your used tyres within between five and eight days.
  • The environmentally friendly processing of the tyres taken in or replaced by you. We work 100 per cent sustainably and we are ISO-certified.
  • The entitlement to clearly place the Granuband collection certificate in the form of stickers at the entrance to your company.
  • Discount on our circular products.
Tyre recycling for all sectors
Granuband also serves other sectors. And one thing never varies: all tyres are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.