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Granuband acquired by Circtec group

On June 11, it was announced that Granuband has been acquired by Circtec and will join the Circtec group under its own name. This British company is a global leader in processing end-of-life tyres through pyrolysis technology.

Pyrolysis is a chemical recycling technique for which Circtec is now building the largest factory in Europe in Delfzijl – The Netherlands. Using this technology, the company produces renewable marine fuel, circular naphtha, and recycled carbon black. Granuband will manage the feedstock requirements for Circtec’s new plant.


Granuband is one of the leading companies in the end-of-life tyre collection and recycling in the Benelux. Our factory in Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most innovative mechanical recycling factories for used tyres, featuring automated tyre selection, robotic production and direct access to bulk marine transport in the industrial port of Amsterdam. This makes Granuband the best partner for Circtec to ensure a stable supply of the required feedstock.


We will also continue to produce our own products, as the Circtec group recognizes their added value. But above all, our mission to reduce the rubber waste mountain and process it as responsibly as possible will take a significant leap forward with this development!

Maarten van Randeraat, founder and Managing Director of Granuband, will remain with the company to lead the raw material supply process for the Circtec group.


Maarten: “I am delighted that the end-of-life tyre collection and recycling business that I built over thirty-five years in the Benelux region has a bright future as part of the Circtec group. Having looked at the competing technology and models for the last few years, I concluded that Circtec was the right home for Granuband going forward as the sector evolves and I am excited about the opportunities to lead the feedstock development strategy of Circtec over the coming years.”

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